10 Specialist Blogs Music Nerds Need to Bookmark

With the arrival of Spotify in the US, there’s been plenty of commentary over the past couple of months about online music consumption, with endless profiles of competing services, all focused on working out which one is going to rule the online musical roost. This is all very well, but the subject has been done to death, and anyway, none of these pieces seem to focus on our favorite way to find new tunes: specialist music blogs. The oldest MP3 blogs have been around for nearly a decade now, and this means that some of them have had time to accumulate some pretty remarkable libraries of sounds. Visiting these is like going to some crazy eclectic record shop full of esoteric stuff you’ve never heard of, and spending all day on the record player there. (Savvy artists, incidentally, have also cottoned onto these blogs as a way of getting heard by music lovers — many of them accept demos these days). Ten of our favorites are after the jump.

Know Your Conjurer

What you’ll find there: Psych, drone, genres you’ve never heard of

We mentioned this one a while back in our post about where you might look for experimental music in the aftermath of the demise of the much-loved Arthur magazine. Since then, its library has only got more comprehensive. If you like strange, whacked-out guitar music — from kosmische obscurities to foundation-threatening apocalyptic drone sounds — then this is a veritable gold mine of goodness, but there’s also everything from nasty hip-hop to French pop. If we had to pick one music blog to connect to on a desert island, it’d be this one.