Ridley Scott to Direct New ‘Blade Runner’ Movie

As Flavorwire’s own Jason Bailey noted in a recent post on The Smurfs, the economy, and nostalgia, there’s no shortage of sequels, remakes, and re-boots of ’80s movies at the box office this summer. So it’s hardly surprising that, after months of rumors, there’s a new Blade Runner film in the works. What raises our eyebrows is the news, via Deadline, that Ridley Scott has committed to directing and producing a new installment (either a prequel or sequel) of his biggest cult classic for Alcon Entertainment. Before you get too excited, know that the project still has a long way to go before it’ll be showing at a theater near you — the script isn’t even written yet, and it’s still unclear whether it will even make sense for Harrison Ford to reprise his starring role.


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