Disney Princesses as ‘Vogue’ Cover Models

Last month, we took a look at a project by Los Angeles-based illustrator Claire Hummel that re-imagined Disney Princess costumes as they might look if they were historically accurate. Dante Tyler‘s work, which we discovered via Design You Trust, reinvents the princesses as Vogue cover models. We see Jasmine in big hair and Chanel, a pouty Ariel in a trendy fish-skeleton necklace (coverline: “Thingamabobs? She’s got 20”), and Pocahontas in a fur-and-feather get-up that wouldn’t be out of place on Beyoncé. It’s clear Tyler’s images are all in fun, but they can’t help but get us thinking about the way both Disney characters and celebrity It-Girls are styled and sold.

Image credit: Dante Tyler