TV Characters Who Would Be Best Friends in Real Life

One of the best things we’ve come across lately is this photo of Kyle Chandler — aka Friday Night Lights‘ beloved Coach Eric Taylor — grilling enough meat to serve a famished army and looking utterly stoked about it. What really captured our imagination, though, was Vulture’s inquiry: “Does Coach Taylor–Ron Swanson fan-fic exist yet?” We don’t know that we’d be particularly interested in reading Coach/Ron slash, but it does make sense that they would enjoy each other’s company. Once we started thinking about characters from entirely different TV universes who would be best friends in real life, we couldn’t stop. So, you’ll find ten perfect pairs after the jump; add your own in the comments.

Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights) and Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

Sure, Coach Taylor is a character on a show that makes everyone cry and Ron Swanson is the funniest part of Parks and Rec, but they have a lot in common. Rugged, manly men who also know how to appreciate a smart, strong (in Ron’s case, occasionally too-strong) woman, these are no-bullshit guys with good, old-fashioned values who won’t hesitate to call you out for being a wimp. And, based on the photo Vulture dug up, we’re pretty sure Coach could match Ron bite for bite in a steak-eating contest.