iLibya: Striking iPhone Photos of the Libyan Uprising

Professional photojournalist Benjamin Lowy was in Libya on assignment for three weeks in March, at the front lines of the Rebel and Gadaffi Loyalist battle and amidst the wreckage of Libyan towns. Between shooting a reportage with a DSLR, he used his iPhone for shooting these intimate, meticulously framed and automatically stylized images. Captured: a mushroom cloud from an exploding tank, uninformed Rebel soldiers praying after retreat, demonstrations in the public square, bodies torched in motor fire and smoldering shells of cars… all with the faux-Holga aesthetic. Thus, iLibya: Uprising by iPhone intentionally connects with today’s visually demanding public and Lowry believes that these images will keep “important stories” from “getting lost in the fray.” See them in our gallery. Warning: Some are quite graphic.

©Benjamin Lowy/Reportage by Getty Images