Big-Screen Romances That Will Rip Your Heart Out

We were warned about Miranda July’s The Future — that it’s darker than her debut feature, Me and You and Everyone We Know, and that we’d leave the theater questioning our own life and choices. All this is true, but it didn’t prepare us for just how devastated we would be by the film’s central couple, Sophie and Jason. We don’t want to spoil the ending for you, so we’ll only say that what becomes of the relationship isn’t simple but absolutely destroyed us. Ten more on-screen romances that left us shaken (and sometimes teary-eyed) are after the jump.

Blue Valentine

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling sound like they’d make the perfect movie couple — and, in fact, we fall in love with their relationship as they fall in love with each other in Blue Valentine. Gosling’s Dean loves Williams’s Cindy so much that he takes a beating on her behalf and raises another man’s child as his own; she abandons her dream of becoming a doctor to support the family and puts up with the many excesses of Dean’s personality. What makes Blue Valentine so painful is its close-up view of how even the most touching, sympathetic love may, over the years, become so twisted as to become irreparable.