Free Mixtapes and More: A Look at the Competition in A Band Apart

In the first round of Flavorpill and FanBridge’s A Band Apart competition presented by Stoli, hundreds of musical artists from all over the country threw their hats in the ring for the chance to reach millions of new fans and perform at an exclusive blowout Flavorpill event in New York City this fall. Now A Band Apart is tearing into Round Two, and that means it’s time to claim your free mixtapes featuring the biggest contenders.

We’ve narrowed it down to the top ten in each of seven regions spanning the US, and created a series of one-of-a-kind compilations spotlighting their music. We’ve also rounded up some of the brightest acts in the competition here, spotlighting one from each area, from SF to NYC, representing everything from alt-country to hip-hop and modern rock. Check them out, then head over to Stoli’s Facebook page to vote in the second round, and the free mixtapes are all yours. After this, only ten bands will remain — and only one will win.

Click through below to explore a sampling of standout A Band Apart competitors.

Amy Kuney
Los Angeles, CA

LA artist Amy Kuney makes emotional pop music that comes from an extremely nontraditional upbringing. Her life was uprooted just as she entered her teens, when her father became a missionary and took the family to live in Honduras. She dealt with poverty, violence, death, and even kidnapping. These are all things she channels into her songs, which promise hope in the face of everything dark. Her song “Gasoline Rainbows” is dedicated to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.