The Flavorpill Guide to Late-Night Eating Spots

The club might be closed, but you don’t want to go home. Yes, it’s time to grab a bite. To help steer you right, we present our very favorite late-night eats, culled from the hungry night owls of the extended Flavorpill family and divided up by city. We’re sure you have faves of your own too, so go ahead and share them in the comments. Or better yet: Armani Code Sport is running a Foursquare competition, where the person with the coolest late-night itinerary each day wins a free bottle of Code Sport — and a grand prize winner gets flown to NYC for a shopping spree at the Armani store. In the meantime, nosh on this and Dive into the Night.



Photo by Susan S.

Tried and true, this East Village Ukrainian diner was suggested by multiple Flavorpillers. Soma Roy put it succinctly: “Their goat cheese and arugula (boiled not fried) pierogies are the ultimate in late-night dining: they’re delicious and they’ll prevent hangovers. Double whammy!” The place has been dishing up borscht, blintzes, and other Eastern European fare for over 50 years and was even featured in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. It’s got to be doing something right!

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