The Most Exciting New Books Coming Your Way This Fall

If you are in any way witchy, or follow the equinoxes, then you will know that the 23rd marks the first official day of fall this year. We decided to jump the gun and present our fall books preview a day early, just because we can’t wait, and because we are in no way astrologically-inclined. The following pages feature seven works of fiction, one encyclopedia, one photo/interview book, a memoir, and (an invisible, but deeply felt) partridge in a pear tree. The best way to cope with the changing of the seasons is to confront them head on, you know, so put on a sweater, brew a hot beverage, and curl up with some of these books.

The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense by Tim Kinsella (September 27)

The singer of Cap’n Jazz and Joan of Arc tries his hand at writing a sad story about striving in the Midwest. You can find an excerpt here, though be warned: some basic origami skills are necessary to read it. We trust your ability to fold things, though. On the Joan of Arc message board, the lovable curmudgeon writes, “I can’t say if I’ve been a bit of a hermit for the last year because I’ve been writing a goddamn novel or if I’ve been writing a goddamn novel because I’ve been a bit of a hermit for the last year.”