10 New Albums You Need to Hear in September

Good news for music lovers: there’s a wealth of new releases in September, and a lot of them look pretty fine indeed — so much so that it was more difficult than usual to prune our regular monthly selection of the best upcoming releases back to just 10 selections. But we’re a discipline bunch here, so we’ve restrained our urges and pared down our wishlist — the result is what you’ll find after the jump, the 10 records that Flavorpill’s most looking forward to getting hold of this month. What’s on your shopping list?

HTRK — Work (work, work)

Release date: September 5

This London-based Australian group are one of our favorite bands, and it’s particularly heartening to see them return given the tragedy they’ve endured over the last 18 months (founding bassist Sean Stewart committed suicide in March last year). Their new album is a dark and thoroughly intoxicating piece of work, exploring themes of dominance and submission, all set to the sound of echo-laden beats and narcotized synth pads. We really, really like it — and recommend it thoroughly.