10 New Must-Reads for September

It’s the first day of September, which means it’s time for us to present you, dear reader, with a sneak preview of the books that are worth reading this fine month, when summer quickly turns to fall. We have stories from the prairies and stories from the circus, as well as memoirs about death, adolescence, and what is what like being the grunge band in Seattle in the ’90s. So click through and tell us what you’re excited about reading in the comments section below.

Bohemian Girl by Terese Svoboda (September 1)

Svoboda, a Nebraska transplant living in New York, has written about hardship, deprivation, air balloons, and the American West in beautiful prose. The year is 1861 and a girl named Harriet is sold to a Native American man by her good-for-nothing father, who lost a bet. She escapes, and wanders through the Midwest, doing trade and warily shaking hands with Norwegians in the market for a horse. She’s a smart girl, and a tough one, so it makes sense that she is described by Svoboda as a little bit Huck Finn and a little bit like Mattie Ross from True Grit.