Kevin Knight’s Funny and Dramatic Cosplay Photos

Every year after Comic Con, the internet is flooded with cosplay photo galleries of two basic types: “Look at This Fucking Geek” and “Hot Nerd Girls in Skimpy Costumes.” Kevin Knight’s Heroes and Villains series, thank heavens, is nothing like that. For his photos, Knight takes cosplayers out of the convention setting, posing the elaborately costumed fans out in the streets, against dark, dramatic backdrops, or in scenes that play on their character’s personality. This approach allows him to draw out the actor in every cosplayer, capturing Obi Wan Kenobi’s wise expression and Clark Kent’s air of nobility as he transforms into Superman. Click through for a gallery that features Batman hitchhiking, Darth Vader walking a robot dog, Elvis serenading a shopping center, and then check out more of Knight’s work at his website.

Photo credit: Kevin Knight [Spotted via Super Punch]