Cure for the Common Poster: Affordable Dorm Art That Doesn’t Suck

A new semester has begun for college kids throughout the States, and now that they’ve settled into new living quarters, bought loads of clunky textbooks, and have their routines down, it’s time to talk wall decor!  If you’re as tired as we are of bland walls and once-classic, now-tired posters and art prints, then fear not, dear reader!  You can decorate your digs — whether it’s a dorm room or a new apartment — with this killer collection of posters that replace old standbys with fun, original, and inspiring pieces. So say goodbye to Einstein, sayonara to Animal House, and au revoir to Keep Calm and Carry On and prepare to fall in love with a brand-new collection of wall decor, after the jump.

Instead of a Marylin Monroe poster…

Set your sights on Sylvia Plath ($21 at Etsy). The tragic poet and novelist is a blonde bombshell for those of us who are of the literary-lovin’ mindset. Like Ms. Monroe, the Bell Jar author too had her well-documented personal struggles, which led to an untimely demise. A tragic icon, and with an amazing body of work that backs her fandom, to boot!