How Depressingly Old Are Our Favorite '90s TV Casts Now?

JTT is 30. That’s right, girls who grew up in the ’90s — your pre-teen crush entered his fourth decade on Earth yesterday. (For everyone else: We’re talking about Jonathan Taylor Thomas, of Home Improvement fame.) We don’t know about you, but this kind of freaks us out. And, because we’re gluttons for punishment, it also has us thinking about how old our other favorite ’90s TV casts are in 2011. Click through after the jump to learn that the Friends are all solidly middle-aged, DJ Conner is older than you, Uncle Jesse is pushing 50, and Andrea Zuckerman qualifies for AARP. Depressing, huh?

Home Improvement

Tim Allen (Tim Taylor): 58
Patricia Richardson (Jill Taylor): 60
Zachery Ty Bryan (Brad Taylor): 29
Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy Taylor): 30
Taran Noah Smith (Mark Taylor): 27
Richard Karn (Al Borland): 55

In case you’re curious, here’s a current photo of the cast.