Surrealist Ukranian Street Art by Interesni Kazki

Ukranian duo Interesni Kazki has been mystifying their hometown Kiev for a while now, and lately, charming more and more street art lovers abroad with their quirky, mind-bending murals. Their style is a blend between the wall pieces of Brazilian twins Os Gemeos and Soviet psychedelic claymation cartoons… with a lot more¬†cannibalistic space bubble-men and faces that have landscapes. Add just a twist of social commentary, mythology, or a science fiction motif and you’ve got a neat little blend! Whether re-inventing the Greek myth of King Sisyphus as a metaphor for capitalism on the side of a metropolitan Russian building or spray-painting trippy portraits of peasants on an abandoned barn in the Ukrainian countryside, the duo stays creative. Check out some of our favorite pieces in our gallery.

Image credit: Interesni Kazki