10 Famous Musicians Caught Busking

You’re taking a stroll through Boston Public Garden. You stop to acknowledge the fingerpicking fellow busking nearby, maybe throw him a dollar, and then you realize — surprise! It’s Bruce Springsteen. Well-known rockers rarely take to busking, since they don’t have much need for petty cash, but impromptu public jams from Bruce and other musicians are always appreciated. We’ve gathered some noteworthy street sessions after the cut.

Bruce Springsteen

After borrowing a guitar and going Humpty Dumpty on a wall, Springsteen recently gave Boston park-goers an acoustic treat while in town to drop his son at college. In the YouTube documentation of this event, amused passersby are overheard discussing how much money to toss The Boss. A buck? A Jackson? Well, how much would you have dropped in his guitar case?