Photo Gallery: Burning Man 2011

Once every summer, a city rises in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada. Artists, musicians, performers, DJs, and wild adventurers head out and join in the communal space. Surreal structures erupt — meditative mirrored Coliseums, fiery sculptures, and, of course, the Temple of Transition. This year, our favorites included Dalek’s robotic art car, the Steampunk Octopus, and a giant stroboscopic zoetrope by Peter Hudson. To say what happens here is “art” isn’t exactly accurate, as the spectacles, happenings, and experiences are so removed from society, it transcends labels. It has to be experienced… or spied, voyeuristically. Here are the photographic highlights from those that ventured out this year and came out Burning — a group that included Flavorpill co-founders Mark Mangan and Sascha Lewis.

Photo credit: Maura Anderson. All images compiled by Natasha Blank.