CBGB Icons: Where Are They Now?

So everyone knows that Patti Smith is America’s new media darling, and that Just Kids is going to be a movie. But the release of a new Blondie album, Panic of Girls, this week got us thinking about what became of the other denizens of CBGB? As the burgeoning punk nostalgia industry suggests, the downtown scene of the 1970s and early 1980s has officiallly become part of New York’s cultural mythology – but as ever, it’s a fairly narrow view that’s entered the history books. While the likes of Smith, Blondie, and The Ramones are justifiably (if belatedly) celebrated for their ongoing influence on music, there are plenty of other CBGB veterans who are still out there making fascinating music and art somewhere out of the public eye. We’ve investigated what ten of our favorite CBGB-related punk and post-punk artists are up to these days — read on after the jump!

Richard Lloyd

Then: Angel-faced Television guitarist

Now: Solo artist and online philosophy guru

The Television guitarist still lives in New York and is still making music — his most recent solo record came out in 2009. His website is well worth a visit — it collects a variety of his writings along with an ongoing Q&A session with fans, where people can ask questions which Lloyd will eventually answer. The site also used to be home to a collection of fantastic (and free) guitar lessons, which mixed technique tips and Lloyd’s singular approach to the instrument with his meditations on life, philosophy and the nature of the universe. Sadly, as of mid-last year he removed them from the site and suggested that they’d soon be for sale — as there’s no sign of them yet, we feel somewhat justified in noting that you can get an overview of his ideas via The Wayback Machine (all the diagrams are gone, so you can’t freeload completely). It’s worth checking out his lessons on YouTube, too.