Bizarre, Uncanny Pictures of Celebrities as 'Simpsons' Characters

Just when we thought it would be impossible for Simpsons fans to surprise us with the strangeness of their tributes to the show, we came across easily the weirdest thing we’ll see all week — Australian graphic designer Brad Anderson‘s series of celebrity photo/Simpsons character mashups. Although he makes a few questionable calls (George Clooney as Homer? Ewan McGregor as Bart? Jennifer Aniston as Maggie?!), we have to admit there are also some solid casting choices (Steve Buscemi as Moe, Vince Vaughn as Krusty). But the overall impression we get from Anderson’s handiwork is that a live-action Simpsons movie might just be too creepy to watch. Click through to see what we mean.

Image credit: Brad Anderson [Spotted via Inspirefirst]