10 Music Videos Starring ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Members

As much as we love SNL digital shorts and all the vulgar laughs and Justin Timberlake cameos they may bring, let’s take a break before this weekend’s season premiere to acknowledge another variety of Saturday Night Live music videos, shall we? Y’know, the ones that weren’t produced by Lorne Michaels. Every now and then, a current or former “Not Ready For Prime Time Player” will lend a hand as the protagonist of a real music video for an actual musician, and some of these guest appearances are pretty great. Check out ten of our favorites after the jump.

“You Can Call Me Al,” Paul Simon (featuring Chevy Chase)

He was the very first person to utter “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night,” so it’s appropriate that Chevy Chase kicks off this list. In a 1986 music video for “You Can Call Me Al,” we find the SNL alum snatching lip syncing duties from a discouraged Paul Simon as they jive around a tiny pink room. Enjoy some horn-tooting and a comical height difference above.