10 Hilarious Mockumentaries That Aren't 'This Is Spinal Tap'

We were profoundly unsurprised by the news that all-time 24-carat classic This Is Spinal Tap has been voted the funniest film of all time by Time Out London readers. But anyway, the news also got us thinking about other great mockumentaries — while Spinal Tap stands head and shoulders above its genre counterparts, there are still plenty of other hilarious faux documentaries to be seen. So in celebration of the glory that is Spinal Tap, here’s a selection of other thoroughly worthy mockumentaries — have we missed any?

Fear of a Black Hat

Basically the hip-hop equivalent of This Is Spinal Tap, this movie is far better than its fairly lackluster trailer might suggest. As with rock ‘n’ roll, there’s plenty about hip-hop that’s hilarious in its own right, and Fear of a Black Hat does a fine job of capturing the absurd aspects of the genre and its associated culture. Crucially, the filmmakers clearly have a deep affection for the music they parody, and the humour is never mocking or mean-spirited. It’s just, y’know, funny.