Immaculate Surrealist Collages by Lola Dupré

Armed with scissors, razors and glue, Glasgow artist Lola Dupré creates kaleidoscopic, disjointed portraits of popes, drug lords, old Hollywood starlets, and vintage medical illustrations. Playfully surrealist and incredibly detailed, Dupré’s stylized collages develop slowly — as has her technique, over time: Smaller pieces. Finer slices of mouths, appendages, and pieces of skin. More prints of the same image to be layered on, attentively, like a reflection in an impossibly shattered mirror or a mischievous hallucination. Dupré is largely self-taught, influenced by a brief education in architecture which shaped how she structures the images and a childhood habit of cutting up her mother’s magazines. Watch her run with scissors all over our slideshow!

Image credit: Lola Dupré.