15 Songs to Soundtrack Your Quarterlife Creative Crisis

Jobs (or the lack thereof). Bills. Personal drama. Existential angst. It’s hard out there for 20-something creative types, struggling to make ends meet and still find enough hours in the day to work on our own personal projects. For the most part, here at Flavorpill, we tend to keep a positive attitude about balancing the stresses of our daily existence with the creative pursuits that make life worth living. But every once in a while, we can’t help but get sucked into the vortex of a mini-quarterlife crisis. And we’re pretty sure we’re not alone. Since music is at once the best catharsis and the best inspiration to get out of our own heads, we’ve compiled a list of 15 songs that feel your pain — including a few that might just help you get back to kicking ass.

The Replacements — “Unsatisfied”

The Replacements may have licensed both the title of “Can’t Hardly Wait” and the song itself to a late-’90s teen movie about graduating high school, but their earlier track,”Unsatisfied,” speaks loudest to a somewhat older crowd. Sounding hoarse and defeated, Paul Westerberg howls a series of loosely connected laments that are all the more resonant for the grasping tones in which they’re uttered. What confused post-collegiate artist-turned-nine-to-fiver hasn’t had some version of thoughts like, “Everything you dream of/ Is right in front of you/ And everything is a lie” or, simply, “I’m so unsatisfied”?