Photo Gallery: The New Gypsies

These gypsies roam the UK in horse-drawn caravans… with solar-powered gadgets. Unrelated to the Roma people, such rural, sustainable communities of modern-day nomads formed at the 1985 Summer Solstice with the New Age Travelers of the Peace Convoy. “Urban subcultures” of “Dickensian characters sporting battered top-hats and Victorian frock-coats” travelled around the UK in double-decker buses, until Margaret Thatcher had the police “decommission” the convoy. Here it is, reborn. For ten years, photographer Iain McKell has tracked and befriended one “tribe” of The New Gypsies. His photographs provide a fascinating glance into one of the greenest societies of the modern world, their lives, their bonds, their faces and the “ragged glamour” of their appearance. He is, after all, a fashion photographer. Meet the gypsies in our slide show and check out the exhibit at New York City’s Clic Gallery through October 2nd.

Image credit: Iain McKell