10 Classic TV Vacation Episodes Filmed on Location

Hot off an insane haul at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, Modern Family kicks off its third season tonight with a special one-hour premiere — a family vacation episode filmed at a dude ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In honor of everyone’s favorite comedy trading the soundstage for the real world, here are ten other TV vacation episodes that were shot on location. Did we miss your favorite? Leave it in the comments.

The Brady Bunch in Hawaii

The Brady Bunch may have very well originated the idea of taking a TV show on the road. While I Love Lucy famously had the Ricardos and Mertzes spend an extended vacation in Hollywood, since the show was filmed in Los Angeles, the series was only taking advantage of its real-life setting. The Bradys traveled to Oahu for a three-episode arc that famously revolved around Bobby’s cursed tiki idol, which brings bad luck to the bunch. After a surfing accident, hostage-taking by a misguided professor and a serenade from Don Ho, the Bradys regain their mojo and leave the island feeling as groovy as ever.

Since then, many shows have taped vacation episodes in Hawaii, including The Jeffersons, Growing Pains, Full House, Saved By The Bell, Cougar Town, and Modern Family.