Art Freaks: Famous Artists as Nude Models in Body Paint [NSFW]

For his latest visual trick, Switzerland-born, New York- and Zurich-based artist Olaf Breuning has transformed a group of nude gals and fellas into crude and alluring representations of seminal 20th-century artists using body paint, DIY props, and humor. The Art Freaks include all-stars like Andy Warhol slathered with chrome-colored paint and adorned with bananas and Takashi Murakami’s character Kiki, wearing nothing but pink and a cardboard psychedelic anime headdress. A few paint jobs mimic the style of these artists — we imagine that Ms. Jackson Pollock was splattered in much the same way the painter himself had splattered his canvases. Others channel and simplify complex internal themes, like the grand Maman spider sculpture series as a paint-doodle on the bare chest of Louise Bourgeois. Presented as a series of “larger than life-size” photographs at NYC’s Metro Pictures Gallery starting September 23, the images “conflate the tropes of so-called high and low artistic techniques as they discuss notions of kitsch, cliché, and reproduction.” Also, they’re just damn fun! Enjoy.

Art Freaks: TAKASHI, Olaf Breuning.