John Kilar’s Odd and Enchanting Photos of Hippies at Play

We are not known for our love of hippies, but even we have to admit that there is something fascinating about Venice, California-based photographer John Kilar‘s Welcome Home series, which appears to document a festival that gathered bohemians of all ages in a beautiful outdoor setting. We see members of this 21st-century tribe lost in group trances, frolicking naked in the mud, and relaxing atop a school bus bearing a cardboard sign that advertises “blotter art.” Some of the photos may make you chuckle, especially if you’re skeptical of all things New Age and yoga-related, but the overwhelming feeling they impart is one of serenity and peacefulness. Although, as Beautiful/Decay notes, there’s isn’t much background available on Kilar, these themes are evident throughout the work on his website, from a series of Burning Man shots to Vanilla Sky, a collection of powerful sunset images. Click through to see our favorite pieces from Welcome Home.

Photo credit: John Kilar