Morbidly Attractive Invitations to Famous Assassinations

Page through the Flavorwire archives and a few things will quickly become clear: that we love Patti Smith, that we have a fascination with photos of abandoned spaces, and that stylish, pop-culture-oriented graphic design abounds on the Internet. But with all the great posters and prints out there, it’s rare to see a designer do something truly unexpected, which is why we’ve spent much of the morning analyzing our own reaction to Evan Stremke’s Invitation to an Assassination series. Combining evocative minimalist images and famous quotes to create actual invitations to historic assassinations, Stremke raises the uncomfortable question of whether it’s possible to find beauty and fun in humanity’s darker moments. His invitations to the death of such beloved figures as John Lennon, Harvey Milk, and Martin Luther King Jr. may be pleasing to the eye — but it’s difficult to actually enjoy them. See what we mean — and share our ambivalence — after the jump.

Image credit: Evan Stremke [Spotted via How to Be a Retronaut]