10 Awesomely Unexpected TV Musical Numbers

If High School Musical were to graduate and enroll in community college, we’d imagine the results would look a lot like last Thursday’s season premiere of Community. Bright pastels and overenthusiastic choreography ensued as the good ol’ Greendale study group sang promises of a “more fun,” “less weird,” “mainstream dream” of a third season. If Community‘s musical intro accomplished anything, it reminded us just how enjoyable our favorite comedic actors can be in brief, unnecessary musical numbers. Check out Joel McHale’s croons, a couple cartoons, and other bursts of unexpected song after the jump.


The writers of Community have surprised us with some strange twists and turns in the past (like that time all of Greendale turned into flesh-eating zombies), but we can hardly believe the lyrics to this musical surprise: “We’re gonna get more calm and normal, we’re gonna fix our state of mind.” Yeah right, Community. After a minute of novelty jazz hands and fancy footwork, the truth is revealed. Alas, the musical number was merely a dream sequence — a figment of Jeff’s surprisingly glitzy unconscious. Snazzy way to kick off three hours of NBC Thursday premieres, eh?