Monstrous Imagination: The Art of Virgil Finlay

While most people admire the artwork of Depression-era pulp magazines and novels for its humorous, kitschy value, there are a handful of amazing artists whose works adorned those covers. Virgil Finlay is a legend in fantasy, sci-fi, and horror realms (he was also a big fan of the genre) for his incredibly detailed and near obsessive style that combined stippling and scratchboard techniques reminiscent of French artist Gustave Doré. Even master of the Old Ones, H.P. Lovecraft, sang Finlay’s praises. There was an inky depth, richness, and texture in his work that was unlike any other during his time. Aliens, monsters, and shrinking pinups in torn dresses were often his subjects, but Finlay’s imagination and unique approach superseded those genre stereotypes. Magazines like Weird Tales and Famous Fantastic Mysteries sported some of their best covers thanks to the artist, who produced more than 2,500 drawings and paintings over his 35-year career. After the jump, get lost in Finlay’s world for a while. Feel free to share your favorites with us below.

Image credit: Virgil Finlay [Spotted via Monster Brains]