From Dali to Hirst: Stunning Jewelry Created by Famous Artists

Ruby-lipped brooches by Salvador Dalí, pins with “heads” by Louise Bourgeois, comic-dotted pendants by Liechtenstein, and Damien Hirst’s luxury kitsch pill charm bracelets — this is just some of the high-profile artist bling at the Museum of Art and Design’s Picasso to Koons: The Artist as Jeweler exhibit. Leave it to devious Man Ray to engrave an upside-down cross pendant with a cleave-esque cleft! Among these curious items by all-star artists who aren’t known for making jewelry, there are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that don’t need a big name to impress. We love Myra Mimlitsch’s ring-brass knuckle hybrid with its intricate, golden mesh and are mesmerized by Ulrike Bahrs’s scintillating, spacey brooch. Check out a few highlights spotted by ArtInfo and plucked out of MAD’s 180-strong catalogue of amazing art jewelry in our slideshow. Be sure to catch the exhibit before it closes on January 8.

Salvador Dali, Brooch: Lèvres en rubis et dents en perles, 1949. Photo credit: Micah Schmidt via ArtInfo