TV’s Most Embarrassingly Over-the-Top Product Placement

There’s product placement. And then there’s product placement. As viewers, we understand that television is a business, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to lose ourselves in the illusion of a more glamorous and entertaining fantasy — which is why advertisements that are inelegantly shoved into a TV show’s plot can be a little jarring. Naturally, a company that throws money at a television series in oversized novelty check amounts deserves a shout out now and then. But some of the episodes we’ve rounded up below appear to have been wholly written by their sponsors.

Sex and the City sings the praises of

What’s that you say? Carrie Bradshaw landed a new gig narrating an Amazon commercial? This must be the next step in her domination of all media, now that her mediocre-yet-wildly-popular sex column has its very own bus ad. Oh. Wait. That’s just her lauding the website’s practicality in her stream of consciousness. (Not that we haven’t done that before.)