The Cinematic, Pop Art Fashions of Anna Battista

Inspired by everything from Cecil Beaton’s portraits of Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin’s short film The Count, Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik, and 1950’s/1960’s Cadillac advertisements, Anna Battista’s cinematic, pop art creations are like a wearable gallery of art and culture’s finest. The Italian writer and film lecturer — who runs one of our favorite blogs, Irenebrination — creates these works mainly for fun, recycling and reusing different materials that have a quirky and usually very personal narrative behind them. Her surreal eyeball necklace was born in part from the memory banks of her brother slicing open the blue eyes of her childhood dolls. “I don’t think you can get the same reaction by wearing a diamond necklace … ” she recently told us. Click through the gallery below (and the links within to learn more about the inspiration behind each piece) to see the transformation of toy cars, 8mm filmstrips, and an “asylum of spoons.”

Image credit: Anna Battista Surreal Monster Eye Necklace