10 Great Pop-Culture Homages to ‘The Shining’

What would you want in a sequel to The Shining? A grown-up Danny Torrance’s return to the Overlook Hotel? Tony-the-index-finger’s escape from an insane asylum? A tribe of psychic energy-sucking vampires on the hunt for Danny’s clairvoyance? If you chose that last one, you’re in luck! After years of rumors, Stephen King’s reading at George Mason University served as a preview of his upcoming Dr. Sleep, a tale of 40-year-old Danny’s run-in with vampires. True, everything is about vampires these days, but y’know, it’s Stephen King — fangs were his forte long before the fad. To honor this news, we’ve gathered some excellent pop-culture homages to King’s 1977 thriller and Kubrick’s 1980 film adaptation. Check out some terrifying twins and endless corridors after the jump.

Slipknot, “Spit It Out” (1999)

The 1999 music video for “Spit It Out” covers all its Shining bases — twins, axes, “Slipknot” written à la “Redrum,” and even a snowy maze to boot. We’re glad the real thing didn’t involve Slipknot masks; the last thing those hallways needed was a clown.