10 Cartoon Ladies With Killer Style

In about a week Shout Factory will be releasing a sparkly pink box set of JEM and The Holograms. The truly outrageous series follows Starlight Music maven Jerrica Benton and her pop music alter-ego, Jem, who leads the band The Holograms. The show has gained a sizable cult following over the years thanks to all the glamour, glitter, fashion, and fame. While the boyfriend drama and scuffles with sinister rival bands, The Misfits and The Stingers, are amusing to watch (note: we never noticed how many catastrophic, fiery explosions happened on the show until recently), Jem’s unlimited wardrobe of ’80s-riffic fashions always wowed us. And her glam rock makeup, and her giant pink hair (everyone’s coiffure is enormous, actually). What other cartoon ladies had great personal style? Here’s our list of fashionable favorites. Now tell us your picks.

Ingrid “Minx” Kruger from Jem and The Holograms

Jem has all the fame, but Minx has all the boys and synthesizers in the universe. The sexy-bitchy-cool keyboardist of The Stingers — one of Jem’s rival bands — sports a Euro, New Wave style. Her oversized hat could seriously be a weapon and looks like something Catherine Deneuve would wear, which makes it instantly amazing. Need we point out what a great name this is too? All this makes up for her unhealthy attachment to The Stingers’ self-obsessed front man, Riot.