The Culture Vulture’s Guide to Online Dating

While viable options abound on dating sites like Nerve and OkCupid, weeding through all your non-negotiables can be quite the task if you’re determined to find a date whose cultural priorities — not to mentions likes and dislikes — match up with your own. So we’ve rounded up a list of niche dating sites — not including the veggie site that Gawker recently busted for omnivorousness — that’ll help you find that wine enthusiast, bearded foodie, or Ayn Rand fan that you’re looking for.

Is the first question that you ask when meeting someone new what bands they’re into? Do you cringe and hope to lemon law it out of there the moment they open their mouths and answer Coldplay? Then conduct your screening before accidentally committing to coffee with a Kings of Leon fan., jumping right into the serious stuff, asks you what you listen to before it even asks you for your gender preference. And because it’s powered by, if you already have an account you can simply link it up to the dating site instead of typing out all of your favorite music on the spot. Oh, and it’s free.