10 Shows We Wish Would’ve Quit While They Were Ahead

Last night House returned in its eighth season on Fox to less than stellar ratings. We don’t know about you, but we’re not surprised. What more can possibly happen on this show? The last season ended with a crash, literally, when Gregory House drove his car into long-time crush Cuddy’s house, and this season begins with his release from a short stint in jail. He’s already done the rehab thing. He’s already done the almost dying thing. So what now? Perhaps a DNR would have been in order at the conclusion of Season 6. But we know how House, and even more so, producers, feel about letting go. Below the jump, we’ve rounded up a few other series that should’ve walked away a few seasons before they did — and some that still haven’t. Add to our list in the comments!


When Weeds began back in 2005, Nancy Botwin was your average spunky widow next door who sipped her iced coffee a little too loudly and dealt pot now and then to make ends meet. Seven seasons in, Mrs. Botwin has become a threatening, robotic drug mule-business woman with bugged out eyes, raising her children in a poisonous environment and whoring herself out to drug lords in the biz. We think it may have done her well to take a toke several seasons ago, get some peace of mind, and quietly retire from the industry before having gone off the very deep end.