Photo Gallery: A Bird’s Eye View of the Streets of NYC

If you’ve ever fought your way through a packed sidewalk or spent 30 minutes that you didn’t have to spare sitting in stalled traffic, then you know how painfully claustrophobic urban life can be. You’ve probably found yourself daydreaming about a way to escape from the crowds. Maybe you’ve even found yourself envying pigeons. A new series by New York City-based photographer Navid Baraty gives you an idea of what it would all look like from way up there.

“Watching a city from above can reveal so much about its character,” he told My Modern Met. “I think that the pace of New York City is best seen from high above: the constant flow of taxis, the merging of traffic, the waves of pedestrians crossing at the change of traffic lights, and the sounds of honking horns and sirens.” Click through to check out a slide show of his photos — which were all snapped as Baraty leaned over the edge of tall buildings.

Photo credit: Navid Baraty