Great Photographers Who Use Crappy Cameras

A few days ago, an ill-worded update on Nikon camera maker’s official Facebook page enraged hundreds. It read: “A photographer is only as good as the equipment he uses, and a good lens is essential to taking good pictures! Do any of our Facebook fans use any of the NIKKOR lenses? Blah-blah-blah…” As you may imagine, the response was ferociously negative. Really? “Only as good,” huh? So we suppose we should go out and purchase thousands of dollars worth of top gear and viola, instant talent? Tsk-tsk.

As Ansel Adams once famously said, “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” On that note, we now present you with a selection of excellent photographers who didn’t use anything fancy. They shot their masterpieces with simple Polaroid point-and-shoots, unsophisticated digital devices, and downright crappy DIY cameras. Enjoy!

Dash Snow

The Saatchi Gallery has described NYC’s fast-living, young-dying legend like so: “Using a Polaroid camera for its instantaneous results and association as keep-sakes, the familiar format of Snow’s photos replicates the sentiments of his images: cheap, disposable, and plebian mementos become humble evidence of discarded beauty.” Or you could say, this was the easiest way to capture beautiful things he saw through the haze and the daze, things that he’d forget the next day. In many ways, he was simply brilliant.