Yanni Floros’ Gorgeous, Disturbing Photorealistic Charcoal Drawings

Guns. Gas masks (and hazmat suits). Girls wearing headphones. These are the three subjects that comprise Adelaide, Australia-based artist Yanni Floros’ work in charcoal. While alluring images of pretty women listening to music don’t seem to have much in common with post-apocalyptic portraits and close-ups of instruments of death, Floros explains on his website that the common factor is our relationship to the gadgets we build. “I’ve always been interested in technology, especially the design of things and the way they’re put together,” he writes. “It goes deeper than that, when I view humanity as a whole I have to ask ‘what is it about us that wants to make all this?'” Of course, his work is also united by a style that is so precise and detailed, it would be difficult to tell his charcoals apart from artfully composed black-and-white photos. Click through for a gallery of our favorite pieces by Floros, and visit his website to see more.

Yanni Floros, Knot Listening, charcoal on paper, 51 cm x 60 cm [Spotted via The Inspiration Grid]