10 Style Icons of the Comic Book World

Comic book characters tend to embody the most petrifying of fashion nightmares, from wearing underwear as outerwear to donning full-body, technicolor spandex suits in broad daylight. Since life within the panels of a comic book tends to be only slightly less sartorially inspiring than being stuck in an ’80s workout video, we think residents of Gotham and Radiant City deserve an extra-hard pat on the back when they bust out runway-worthy looks. Browse our look book of the graphic world’s trendiest style icons after the jump.

Veronica Lodge

Archie Comics’ Veronica Lodge is the ultimate comic-book style guru. While not all of her outfits are winners (she went through a shoulder-padded suit phase), she wears each one with confidence and never puts on the same piece twice. A true trend setter, Veronica is always one step ahead of the game, strutting down Riverdale’s hallways with the latest threads before they even make it to store racks. She pays a steep price for her look, but she’s also the center of attention at any gala, benefit, or school dance. Fashionistas aspire to be her, and fashionable men aspire to be with her.