10 Awesome Arts and Crafts-Inspired Indie Music Videos

Indie rock and arts and crafts have one vital thing in common: the DIY ethos. So it makes sense that some of our favorite acts are incorporating Etsy-like aesthetics into their music videos. With the help of shadow puppets, steampunk sculptures, construction paper backgrounds, and more, bands such as Bright Eyes, of Montreal, and Bat For Lashes are letting their craft flag fly with innovative clips that are just as mesmerizing as the music they accompany. Join us as we round up some of our favorite artsy videos.

of Montreal — “Suffer for Fashion”

Avant-garde director and visual artist Sigrid Asturp utilized fast-forward stop-motion animation to create the bizarre series of vignettes for this offbeat music video. Featuring colorful, rubber glove-clad hands assembling objects, the clip finds inspiration in flamboyant frontman Kevin Barnes’ emotionally volatile lyrics, which reference the slavish following of trends, an idea that is visually represented through ever-evolving shapes and colors.