The Legacy of Steve Jobs: Apple Patents

Image a world without the iPod for a minute… Now imagine the world without the computer mouse… Not that’s thinking differently. As one of the most prolific technological company chiefs, the late Steve Jobs is personally listed as co-inventor on 317 Apple patents. Looking at the epic interactive patent feature from The New York Times, we can clearly see the passion for design in these illustration pages, from the first ever, monitor-less Mac, to the color translucent cases (oh, remember those?) to the various species of iPods, iPhones and iPads. We think these pages, in their minimalism loaded with revolutionary potential, serve as a truly appropriate tribute to the legacy of Steve Jobs. See some nostalgia-inducing classics and a few incredible, not-quite-there oddities — a phone dialing interface for your iPod click wheel? Oh Steve! — in our slide show of favorites.

1983, Personal computer. Image via The New York Times