Kids’ Halloween Costumes That They’re Too Young to Understand

Do you know a kid? Does that kid need a Halloween costume? Are you cool with casually exploiting said kid for your own trick-or-treat amusement? Take a break from the princess and superhero aisles at your local holiday superstore and consider these silly costumes that are meant to make grownups chuckle. True, these outfits might go right over the wearers’ kiddie heads, but who wouldn’t love finding a tiny Mr. T or a baby Bob Ross at their doorstep? We wish we could give these youngsters’ parents high fives. Enjoy some adorably mini versions of grown-up pop culture figures after the jump.

Kip, Napoleon Dynamite

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If you have access to aviator eyeglasses, hair gel, and brown fabric for a mustache, there’s no reason why your kid shouldn’t be dressed like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite this Halloween. True, 2004’s Dynamite craze is long over, but go ahead and park your little Kip in front of a bus stop with a “Lafawnduh” sign anyway. The occasional adult passerby is bound to keel over with laughter. Bonus points if you teach the tyke his wedding song.