The “Remake” Project’s Recreations of Famous Works of Art

Yesterday we ran a selection of our favorite “cover” art — famous paintings recreated using a variety of materials and techniques, from Cezanne in balloons to Edward Hopper in Lego and Rene Magritte in vegetables. It turns out that we’re not the only ones enamored of such ideas — the good folk at Booooooom have been running a competition called Remake, whereby artists are invited to recreate and reinterpret notable works of art. We’ve found it fascinating to see how people have approached the idea, some producing strikingly accurate recreations of the originals, others using the composition as a departure point for something entirely new. It’s an ongoing project — the deadline for entries is October 21 — but we wanted to share some of the most interesting submissions here. And if you’re artistically inclined, you should totally enter the competition — the prize is a copy of the Adobe CS5 Master Collection.

Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait 1889, remade by Seth Johnson.