Literary Matchmaking: Characters Who Would Date in Real Life

Today marks the release of Jeffrey Eugenides’s third novel, The Marriage Plot, a modern take on Victorian matchmaking novels and the women who love them. We adored the book, and all its protagonist’s Jane Austen talk, coupled with her own love triangle, got us to thinking about pulling an Emma and trying a little literary matchmaking of our own. We’ve already taken a stab at guessing which literary characters would be best friends in real life, but of course, when love is involved, the stakes are a little higher. Click through to check out the literary characters we think would totally fall for each other if they met in real life, and let us know your own ideas for star-crossed lovers in the comments.

Becky Sharp and Jay Gatsby

It goes without saying that the ambitious, calculating Becky Sharp would go for the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby in a heartbeat — all she would have to do would be to attend one of his glamourous parties and take a look around to know he was the richest man in the room. Gatsby himself would be swayed, like so many other men, by Becky’s considerable charms, but once together, the two of them would really fall in love over their mutual rise from nothing to the gilded peacocks they became at their respective peaks. Just don’t tell her too soon, Jay, or she’ll run like the wind. But perhaps without all that Daisy business no one would ever find out, so you’re probably in the clear.