A Selection of the World’s Most Wonderfully Strange Music Venues

Perhaps the most gloriously strange thing about All Tomorrow’s Parties in Asbury Park last weekend was the sight of Oneida playing an eight-hour set of extremely loud improvised noise music in a bowling alley. We couldn’t help but feel for the venue’s staff, who’d were looking glassy-eyed and traumatized by the end of the day — but it was still a pretty fantastic spectacle, and it got us thinking about some of the other weird and wonderful places around the world to see music. We’ve pulled together a selection after the jump — but obviously, it’s a big old world out there, and there must be plenty more. So, what are your favorite weird live music venues?

Psychiatrická léčebna
Bohnice, Czech Repbublic

The Eurofestival has been a growing force in the world of music over the last decade or so — pretty much every country in Europe plays host to at least one sizeable festival these days, from mainstays like Pinkpop in the Netherlands and Roskilde in Denmark to relative newcomers like Sziget in Hungary, INMusic in Croatia, and Exit in Serbia. None of them, however, can match the Czech festival Mezi ploty as far as sheer strangeness goes — this year’s event was held at Psychiatrická léčebna, which happens to be the country’s biggest psychiatric hospital. When asked about why he chose this particular venue, festival director Robert Cozel said to local newspaper the Prague Post, “Tell me what you think the difference is between a patient and a festival attendee. If you share my view that everyone who attends is a spectator, a listener, an art lover, then you’d feel at home among the Mezi ploty people.” Um. OK.