Bizarre Sculptures of Childhood Characters Armed for the Apocalypse

With all of the insane natural disasters that have happened recently and the ominous year 2012 creeping ever closer, it seems like end-of-the-world chatter is the norm lately. So why not soothe our fears by transferring those apocalyptic visions into the comforting world of children’s cartoons and fairy tales? This appears to be the idea behind Korea-based installation artist So Hyun Woo‘s collection of stainless steel mosaic Disney and fairy tale sculptures that are adorned with an action hero evoking twist. The eccentric series, Cruel Fairy Tales 3, features adored storybook characters like Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, and Tinker Bell as they prepare to fight the unknown with bazookas, machine guns, machetes, and more. Check out the unsettling collection below, and let us know what you think about the combat-ready character art.

Image credit: So Hyun Woo. [Spotted via Colossal]