20 Awesome High-End Halloween Costumes

If you’re not über crafty, fashioning a unique Halloween costume that sets you apart from the pack of party-store drones could pose a problem. Thankfully, there’s an army of skilled crafters and artisans who are willing and able to bring your fantasy Haunting Season ensemble to life — for a price. In case you have some extra dough lying around, we’ve followed up last year’s incredible list of high-end Halloween costumes with a gallery featuring extravagant Beetlejuice, My Little Pony, and Muppets-inspired outfits of the hand-crafted variety after the jump.

Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter

What happens when you combine the timelessness of Alice In Wonderland with the wonderfully bizarre Johnny Depp? You get a classic, eccentric character who will reappear for many Halloweens to come. But it’s the innovative details that make this unbelievably expensive Mad Hatter costume particularly unique, from the magical rainbow-hued thread sash to the hand-made painted hat. ($1600, Etsy)