Television’s Most Memorable Living Rooms

TV sitcoms are all about family. Even if the characters aren’t related by blood, friends and enemies alike still form bonds on the small screen for our viewing pleasure. They’re a tribe. Network shows provide someone for families to identify with, gawk at, and be envious of — all in the comfort of their own home. While technology has certainly made it possible to watch your favorite TV shows from just about anywhere, most families who loaf together with a little boob tube do so in their living room (or as it is sometimes aptly dubbed, the family room). Over the years there have been many famous TV living rooms where we watched our favorite characters grow up, share valuable life lessons, make us laugh, and more. Click through to revisit some of television’s most iconic living rooms, and recall what made them special. Who would you add to the list?


Roseanne, hubby Dan, Becky, Darlene, D.J. (and later on, Jerry) are one of the most identifiable families in television history. They were a working class bunch in Illinois who fought to pay the bills and struggled with being less than perfect. Their living room was … lived in. Everything was a cluttered mess, the couch was well-loved (everybody has that famous afghan too), and you could always picture the chip crumbs scattered about. Their beautifully flawed lives and home made us feel normal.